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Intermittent stylo native-theme/492155-4.html == native-theme/492155-4.html | image comparison, max difference: 1, number of differing pixels: 1


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The failure is caused by a single color value difference of a single pixel at the edge of a scrollbar thumb. This is a benign difference that's consistent with e.g. the thumb being layerized in one image, and not in the other, and could plausibly have been caused by bug 1367488 since it potentially changes the visible region and clip rect on a thumb layer.

Since the difference is benign, it should be appropriate to fuzz it away. However, I'm not sure where to insert a fuzzing annotation in this case, since the comparison being done in the failing test (492155-4.html == 492155-4.html) does not match what is in reftest.list (492155-4.html != about:blank). I assume there is something Stylo-specific going on here (like the page rendered with Stylo is being compared to the page rendered without Stylo), but I'm not sure whether to insert a fuzzing annotation in such a situation.
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the fuzzy condition in this case would be fuzzy-if(styloVsGecko,1,1)
or even better, fuzzy-if(styloVsGecko,0-1,0-1) since it seems to be intermittent

Thanks, Kats!
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Bug 1369828 - Fuzz native-theme/492155-4.html during stylo-vs-gecko comparison.
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Went ahead and triggered autoland for this so I can get it included in my merge of autoland to mozilla-central tonight.
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Fuzz native-theme/492155-4.html during stylo-vs-gecko comparison. r=mstange
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Fuzz native-theme/492155-4.html during stylo-vs-gecko comparison. r=mstange a=bustage
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