Clicking WebExtension buttons doesn't close the overflow panel




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17 days ago
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17 days ago

1. install a webextension that has a button that doesn't have a subview, e.g.

2. resize the window so the button ends up in the overflow panel

3. open the overflow panel

4. click the add-on button

panel closes

panel stays open

This is a regression - it worked on 54/53.
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17 days ago
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16 days ago
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Comment 1

11 days ago
The issue here is that these buttons have type=view (which implies they will show their own sub-panel thing), which means the CustomizableUI code doesn't close them itself (instead, it tries to show a view for them). It's not clear to me why this works at all in the main menupanel on non-photon today. I think when I reviewed bug 1217129 I assumed browser_action buttons always had a view, not just some of the time... Shane, do you know why this isn't already broken / what would be a reasonably-scoped fix for this?
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Is there a type=button or something like that...we should be able to easily do that.
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Comment 3

11 days ago
(In reply to Shane Caraveo (:mixedpuppy) from comment #2)
> Is there a type=button or something like that...we should be able to easily
> do that.

Yes, but you can't update the widget specification after the fact, and from what I understand WebExtensions can attach/detach their views at will...

My question remains: how does this currently work, when buttons without views are in the main (hamburger) menupanel, if indeed it does?
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