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Add Firefox UI Tests jobs for Taskcluster on Windows


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We are close to get Windows Taskcluster jobs bumped to Tier-1. So it's fine by releng and taskcluster people to get more tests added. As such add our firefox-ui-functional jobs.
When I triggered the try build for my changes the builds have been created, but no tests have been run:

Not sure if this is caused because we build on 2012 and run on Win7 and Win10 via: [Windows 7,Windows 10]. If yes it might be a bug in the taskgraph.
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Bug 1371404 - Add firefox-ui-functional TC jobs for Windows.

glad to see these going live on win7
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I just triggered another try build with the brackets removed from the try chooser logic. Lets see if this works better.

For reference here the old try job:
The newly triggered try build works fine. All tests got automatically triggered. So it is indeed a bug in maybe the code which generates the taskgraph?

I will land this patch, but will keep the ni? flag set for Dustin so that we can correctly get this issue addressed.
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Add firefox-ui-functional TC jobs for Windows. r=jmaher
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Those try jobs are both the same revision, so I'm not sure what you're asking..
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> Those try jobs are both the same revision, so I'm not sure what you're
> asking..

Sorry, the other try job was triggered directly from within mozreview, which is this one:
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