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stylo: Servo_GetComputedKeyframeValues does not respect property ordering


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When calculating the animation properties from keyframes there are specific rules for the order in which properties apply when shorthands and longhands overlap:

  "If conflicts arise when expanding shorthand properties due to shorthand
  properties overlapping with existing longhand properties or other with other
  shorthand properties, apply the following rules in order until the conflict is

    1. Longhand properties override shorthand properties (e.g. border-top-color
       overrides border-top).

    2. Shorthand properties with fewer longhand components override those with
       more longhand components (e.g. border-top overrides border-color).

    3. For shorthand properties with an equal number of longhand components,
       properties whose IDL name (see the CSS property to IDL attribute
       algorithm [CSSOM]) appears earlier when sorted in ascending order by the
       Unicode codepoints that make up each IDL name, override those who appear

Gecko implements this via the PropertyPriorityIterator. Servo's Servo_GetComputedKeyframeValues does not appear to do this however, hence several tests in dom/animation/test/chrome/test_animation_properties.html fail.

Priority: -- → P2
Assignee: nobody → bbirtles
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This seems to mostly work although the corresponding tests won't pass without 1381389 (which should hit central soon I expect).
Attachment #8888683 - Attachment is obsolete: true
After rebasing and fixing a minor bug in KeyframeEffectReadOnly::GetProperties, dom/animation/test/chrome/test_animation_properties.html passes for me (although since we don't run this test on Stylo builds yet there are no test expectations to update).
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Bug 1371493 - Compare AnimationValues when producing property-based keyframes;
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Bug 1371493 - Iterate through properties in priority order when computing keyframes;

Looks good, thanks!

::: servo/components/style/properties/helpers/
(Diff revision 1)
> +pub fn compare_property_priority(a: &PropertyId, b: &PropertyId) -> cmp::Ordering
> +{

Nit: "{" on previous line for Rust.

::: servo/ports/geckolib/
(Diff revision 1)
> +      if self.curr >= self.sorted_property_indices.len() {
> +          return None
> +      }
> +      self.curr += 1;
> +      Some(&[self.sorted_property_indices[self.curr - 1].index])

Nit: use a 4 space indent here.
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Compare AnimationValues when producing property-based keyframes; r=hiro
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