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On Linux, authorizations popup stays on foreground even if user move to another window or space




Site Identity and Permission Panels
3 months ago
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3 months ago
Running Firefox on Linux, I found out that the authorization popup asking for example the right to notify, use audio or camera is staying on foreground even if user is moving to another space of the desktop environment or to another window.

The bug was noticed on Archlinux using latest Gnome *running on Wayland* and was confirmed by another user on IRC using Wayland too.

The bug might not be reproduceable on Xorg (test needed for it).

See following screenshots for the result.

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3 months ago
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Authorization popup on another desktop without soft

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3 months ago
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Authorization popup over another software on another desktop
Component: Notifications and Alerts → Site Identity and Permission Panels
Product: Toolkit → Firefox
Do we support Wayland yet? If so, is this a known GTK issue with our panels?
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We don't support running directly under Wayland, but I assume Firefox is running under XWayland here.
I can reproduce a similar issue even without Wayland or multiple desktops.

1. Load https://simpl.info/getusermedia/
2. Drag another window over the Firefox window with the doorhanger.

Either door hanger closes when Firefox window is no longer active,
or the dragged window covers the door hanger.

Door hanger remains above dragged window.

Reproduces with a 2016-12-01 Nightly, at least.

Not a known issue to me.
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