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Mozscreenshots: intermittent controlCenter_localFile on Windows 10


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Our Windows 10 machines are using temporary task_* paths for builds, which means we get comparisons like this:

I think we can live without the local file screenshot on Windows 10 (it's not an important screenshot test in general, IMO).
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Product: Firefox → Testing
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Bug 1373563 - Mozscreenshots: disable intermittent controlCenter_localFile on Windows 10 and OSX.

::: browser/tools/mozscreenshots/mozscreenshots/extension/configurations/ControlCenter.jsm:211
(Diff revision 1)
> +// Local file paths include temporary task identifiers on OSX and Win10.
> +if (AppConstants.platform != "macosx" &&
> +    !AppConstants.isPlatformAndVersionAtLeast("win", "10")) {
> +  this.ControlCenter.localFile = async function applyConfig() {
> +      let channel = NetUtil.newChannel({

This isn't the best way to skip a screenshot, instead you should implement the `validateConfig` method and leave it in the same order so the combination number stays consistent across OSs. This issue will affect all TC jobs and I want to shut BB ones off soon so I think we should fix the test (e.g. point to a different dir which is consistent)
Attachment #8887845 - Flags: review?(MattN+bmo)
I'll put a short-term verifyConfig in for now to avoid the noise.
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Skip the ControlCenter localFile mozscreenshots configuration due to changing paths. r=me
Assigning to Chris to try to address the intermittent and re-enable.
Assignee: jhofmann → chochri5
Assignee: chochri5 → MattN+bmo
Mentor: jaws, mconley
Keywords: leave-open
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Skip the content blocking intro in mozscreenshots for ControlCenter images. r=johannh
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More specific mozscreenshots cropping for PermissionPrompts and ControlCenter. r=johannh
Closed: Last year
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