Please enable the default build of nightly aurora for lightning to include 55



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Lightning 5.6




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Steps to reproduce:

There is no defined build that installs out of the box with thunderbird 55 builds. The 5.6 build has worked fine for a long time, but every time thunderbird updates on nightly I have to re-edit the xpi to allow it to install. 

Please modify the build to change the high end supported version in that build to include 55's

Actual results:

No available update for lightning for 55.

Expected results:

Updates should include builds for lightning.
Following the Firefox lead the comm-aurora branches for Thunderbird have been discontinued and are no longer maintained (Bug 1353924). You can manually migrate to comm-central (Thunderbird 56) or comm-beta (Thunderbird 55) based test builds or wait until you are automatically migrated to comm-beta builds (Bug 1366893).

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a year ago
If they are no longer maintained - why are nightly builds being actively produced in those directories?

Note that I do not see a "comm-beta" directory in the nightly builds tree for lightning - only central and aurora. 

Fundamentally, the underlying problem is that the builds for lightning are not being produced to go along with thunderbird builds - so when thunderbird nightly updates - it doesn't have a corresponding lightning package to install to go along with it.
I don't know. Maybe Thunderbird developers are waiting until users were migrated to beta channel. But if you look at you will see that no source code changes have been made since November 2016.

Nightly comm-central test builds can be found at:

There are no nightly beta builds but only official beta test builds that can be found at:

The upload to is usually delayed and therefore Thunderbirds built-in update doesn't work. As a workaround I manually download the latest beta candidate from

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a year ago
Hmm... ok. I'm running with the thunderbird-next channel for ubuntu which provides a 0.55 build (55.0b1 according to about dialog). So looks like there aren't actually any builds available (in any of those URLs) that are marked as being for 0.55. 

Seems like this may be a case of differing definitions for what is 'beta' - or different teams using different version/release numbering schemes. 

I appreciate the resource pointers.

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Aurora is dead
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