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APZ: Get scroll snapping working with async keyboard scrolling


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Whoops, forgot to add a description.

Currently, we disable async keyboard scrolling for scroll frames that have scroll snap points because the default async scrolling behavior doesn't match the sync keyboard scroll snapping behavior. We should fix this.
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I'm not sure why this didn't work the first time I tried this.

I've ran this on a sample page I have and it seems to work. I haven't done a try run with it.
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I feel like this will probably work in some cases with snap points that are relatively close together, but once they are far apart, I don't see how it would know to go all the way to the next snap point. Wouldn't it just move the scroll offset a small amount and then find the one it just left as the "nearest" snap point?
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For the record here's a test page that does horizontal scroll snapping. I would very surprised if the patch produces correct behaviour with APZ keyboard scroll snapping on this page. If it does we should figure out how it's doing that...
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::: gfx/layers/apz/src/AsyncPanZoomController.cpp
@@ +4283,5 @@
> +    CSSPoint& aDestination)
> +{
> +  ReentrantMonitorAutoEnter lock(mMonitor);
> +  if (Maybe<CSSPoint> snapPoint = FindSnapPointNear(aDestination, aScrollUnit)) {
> +    aDestination = *snapPoint;

Not sure that this is worth a separate function, you could just inline it.
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Perform scroll snapping with async keyboard scrolling. r=kats
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