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Feedback and issues for Blind Reviews Experiment BMO extensions


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See bug 1366429 for full details.

The extensions is feature complete, but Bugzilla html is a messy place, and there are likely corner cases that might break your review workflow.

This bug will stay open as a place to gather any feedback or issues you might have, so please feel free to comment here (or in a separate bug blocking this one).
Blocks: 1375229
Blocks: 1366429
No longer blocks: 1375229
Version 0.6 released, using MutationObservers for more consistent and reliable timings on some pages.
Re-posting from Slack thread.
Version 0.7 released on AMO, with mostly internal code-quality changes:
 - Reorganized code into separate scripts (per page) for better readability;
 - Simplified blind review state from objects to numbers for storage optimization;
 - Switched to using sync storage for sharing state across computers.

(In reply to Don Marti from comment #2)
> Screenshot of MozReview requests with Submitter showing

This is fixed in the next version (awaiting review on AMO).  Note that is not yet supported.
Type: defect → enhancement
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