Open Bug 1381574 (intersection-observer) Opened 4 years ago Updated 7 months ago

[meta] IntersectionObserver API compatibility


(Core :: Layout, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox57 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: tschneider, Unassigned)


(Depends on 7 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Meta bug to keep track of ongoing work to ensure compatibility of the Intersection Observer API with the spec and other browsers.
Depends on: 1359311
Priority: -- → P3
Assignee: nobody → tschneider
Depends on: 1399603, 1399605
Depends on: 1400971
Depends on: 1401416
No longer depends on: 1400971
setting "firefox57:fix-optional" to get this out of the triage queue (and it's a metabug anyway)
Depends on: 1400971
Depends on: 1406102
Depends on: 1411775
Depends on: 1505471
Depends on: 1617154
Depends on: 1617526
Depends on: 1623623
Alias: intersection-observer
Assignee: tschneider → nobody
Summary: [meta] Ensure Intersection Observer API compatibility → [meta] IntersectionObserver API compatibility
Depends on: 1671396
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