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stylo: Fix the rest of failure in test_system_font_serialization.html


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There are three failures left in that test after bug 1364286.

Two of them are because we drop the support of parsing -moz-use-system-font on font longhands. We should just bypass them for Stylo.

One of them is that we serialize the longhands in a different order than Gecko. We should fix that via ignoring the order somehow.

Should be an easy fix.
According to CSSOM, shorthands should expand to to longhands in their canonical order.  css-fonts-4 defines the canonical order by reference to the grammar, although I guess that is insufficient to define the canonical order, since it doesn't say where the longhands that are reset to their initial values (like font-size-adjust) should go.  So I guess for now this is fine.
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Bug 1382080 - Fix remaining failures in test_system_font_serialization.html.
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Fix remaining failures in test_system_font_serialization.html. r=heycam
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