[meta] Implement in-HMD interstitial UI for Firefox

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5 months ago
Permission prompts, vr site link traversal, and "escape hatch" events require the browser to display a prompt with information and multiple choices.  This prompt must be visible from within the VR headset.

There are a variety of ways that the user can select their choice from their UI depending on the hardware present:

- gaze based cursor, with button press to activate item
- gaze based cursor, with timeout hovering over an item to select it.  (Time remaining to activate should be visualized to give feedback to user)
- 3dof controller "laser pointer" selection and button press to activate item
- 6dof controller "laser pointer" selection and button press to activate item.

Additionally, some prompts will dismiss themselves either due to a timeout selecting a default option or an event that has resolved itself (ie. a prompt saying that content is not responding may disappear if content starts to respond again and an information prompt will disappear during link traversal when the next page finishes loading).

Two variations of this prompt may be presented:
- Interstitial prompts appear during link traversal and security sensitive events.  These will fully obscure content until dismissed.
- HUD dialogues appear for cases that need the user's attention but do not wish to break immersion.

While these prompts are displayed, vrdisplayfocus and vrdisplayblur events should be emitted to content so they can pause their content until the user dismissed the prompt.

Interstitial prompts should also inhibit headset and controller pose updates until after the user dismisses the prompt, preventing content from inferring the choices made by the user from the user's physical motion.


5 months ago
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5 months ago
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