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Synchronization issue caused by Android sleep function


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Steps to reproduce:

I have Firefox on my desktop and on my Android device, both with sync turned on (I have automatic synchronization on phone setted). I add some page to my bookmarks at my desktop, at e.g. at 10 pm. At the morning I start FireFox on my phone and don't see that bookmark. When I looking to setting I saw last synchronization was made 14 hours ago.

Actual results:

Firefox is not synced continually. Its can be probably caused by Android sleep function.

Expected results:

I wish to see my bookmarks and opened tabs in almost real time. (+ wish to have form data synced too)
Firefox sync have to be separated from Firefox, so when Android will turn Firefox to sleep mode for inactivity, sync can still work. Button at Firefox menu to start synchronisation manually can be handy, still more comfy as go to settings - accounts - Firefox and tap on synchronize again.
As things stand now, I would say that this is the desired behaviour. "Push-based syncing" has been discussed as a way to speed things up, but for variety of data integrity reasons it might not be feasible just yet. Lately there's been a lot of effort put towards making bookmark sync more reliable, and so perhaps some version of this might be coming in the future.

We do a few things to make things feel speedier. "Send Tabs" are now synchronized with help of push, helping them arrive quickly. Local activity on the device (browsing, bookmarking) "tickles" sync, to ensure things show up quickly on your other devices.

I'm in favor of making "Sync Now" button easier to reach. Filed Bug 1398279 to track that work.
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