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lufthansa.com (lh.com) and www.miles-and-more.com (www.milesandmore.com) force Firefox users to fill out captcha to access sites



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2 months ago
2 months ago


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If one opens http://www.lufthansa.com/ or http://www.miles-and-more.com/ in Firefox (happens both on 54 and 56.0a1) on Windows 8.1, the site says that they think that it is a visit by a robot / script / crawler and one has to complete a captcha to access the site. There is no such captcha in latest Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
Yikes... this also happens in OSX.

Karl, Adam, Dennis... do any of you have contacts with Lufthansa? Something about their bot detection is mega wrong.
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(argh, sorry. See question in Comment #1)

Spoofing as Chrome makes the bot-block go away.
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I do, but they may be in the wrong department. I will give it a try, though.
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Done. He basically confirmed that he is in the wrong department, but he is able to create a ticket and send it over to the right people.
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Comment 5

2 months ago
note that UA sniffing at Lufthansa has been always a kind of an issue.
Bug 905120

Thanks a lot Dennis.
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