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Wording of the "manual migration" offer is odd


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I have a N=2 sample of people that found the wording of the phrase "Try Firefox with your favorite sites and bookmarks from another browser." a bit odd and hard to parse.

When you read the beginning "Try Firefox with your favorite sites and bookmarks" (and specially the very beginning, "Try Firefox"), it feels strange because I'm already using Firefox..
There was some iterations of the wording already. bryantmao can provide more details of that process.
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For a new user, I think it's fine to use "Try" since the user are still poking around the new browser, and the message will only last for three days. But I'll let the copy writer make the call :)
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Please leave the string as is for now. If additional testing from users yields similar confusion we will change it, but think this string makes sense in the context of a new user installing and seeing the notification on first run.
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Marking wontfix for now. There's a related bug 1384392 about showing the message to existing profiles.
Closed: 3 years ago
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See Also: → 1384392
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