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Don't show manual migration offer on existing profiles


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Firefox 56
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Updating to today's Nightly gave me a message (see screenshot) suggesting that I import favorite sites and bookmarks from another browser.

This is a little weird, because this is the Firefox profile that I've been using for 6+ years now. Why suddenly offer to import data?

I'm not sure what the current logic/intent is for this, but seems like this should only be triggering for recently created profiles.
bryantmao can provide more context. He provided the spec in

Short summary is that users will see it for at most 3 active days and can dismiss the prompt to not see it again.
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After the discussion with Michael, the proposal is to show the import option if the user checks the auto refresh option in the stab installer. Check here for more detail:
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Duplicate of this bug: 1384494
At least for 56, we'll use some way to estimate profile creation time, and if it's older than 3 days, don't offer the manual migration.
Fixed with to be uplifted via bug 1385133.
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