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Add new container icons to Firefox


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As part of the test pilot work we added new icons. We should also add them to central.
To clarify :jaws, the tab highlight/icon colours changed as part of the test pilot also.

I don't think there is any risk in landing this, these icons are currently narrower than the briefcase which is already present. I checked this in central and looks correct, the reduction in the radio size was the slight cropping on the right hand side for the modal in about:preferences#containers.

Please note Bug 1386627 already exists for URL bar alignment of these icons since photon changes landed.
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Currently building a different build, I forgot to check in the icons sorry about that.
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Bug 1387003 - Adding container icons from test pilot experiment.
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Adding container icons from test pilot experiment. r=jaws
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Why are we still adding strings to preferences-old at this point, since we're shipping the reorg to all locales with 56? Is there a bug tracking its complete removal from the tree?
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The new preferences are shipping with 56 which hasn't been released yet. We'll need to wait until we release the new preferences and see that there are no issues that are found which cause us to push out a hotfix reverting back to the old preferences. Until then we should keep maintaining preferences-old. I expect we should be able to remove the old preferences about halfway through the 57 cycle but I would like to leave them in for now just to be cautious.

Bug 1349689 is on file to remove the old preferences.
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