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Delay formautofill system add-on updates until the next restart


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Since it's going to a be a lot of work and risk to tear down/replace all of the XPCOM components, JSMs, stylesheets, injected preferences, etc. at runtime and that doesn't seem worth it to support updates during runtime, we can instead delay any add-on updates until the next restart. This will still be much faster than only updating on Fx releases.

We just need to add an upgrade listener to the add-on and do nothing when it's called which means the upgrade won't be installed at that time.,15-17,19-22
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I didn't manually test this because it will take a lot of work and this is already covered by add-on manager unit tests (linked from comment 0). QE can verify when we start delivering as a system add-on.
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Bug 1387611 - Delay formautofill system add-on updates until the next restart.

Thanks, Matt.
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Delay formautofill system add-on updates until the next restart. r=lchang
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Matthew N, can you give us some guidelines on how can we test this fix? Thanks
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I don't think you can test this without an update to the system add-on being available via balrog. If you have an update staged this is trivial to test, just make sure the add-on doesn't update while Fx is running even when the update is downloaded.
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