- Page doesn't show right in Mozilla, but does in IE



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User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:0.9.9+) Gecko/20020409
BuildID:    20020409

Ok, this one's weird. I'm not sure if the page is written only for Explorer or
there is something with MoZilla. I just see the page source and not the page
itself. I tried both MoZilla and Netscape 4.79. In IE, it works fine.

Reproducible: Always

Actual Results:  Page is not shown - the page source is written.

Expected Results:  Page should show normally, like in IE.
server-problem, not Mozilla problem (the server doesn't send a MimeType). and
added as TechEvang several times
Ah... the server _does_ send a mime type. That's the problem.  The type it sends
is text/plain.  If it sent no type at all, we'd do content detection and decide
this is HTML, but as it is, we have to show it as text.

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wrong component.
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17 years ago
How does IE manage to view it then?!
Because IE completely ignores the server type and always does content detection.
 As a result, it very often shows as HTML content that is not at all HTML but
happens to contain HTML-like things in it.... As a result of this, people try to
not post such content.  :(

As a note, IE is the _only_ browser that exhibits this broken behavior.  All
other browsers I have tried (Lynx, links, opera, NS4/NS4/Mozilla, Amaya,
Konqueror) show the page as plain text.

Comment 6

17 years ago
But which line of the code does IE find and assume it is HTML? If I get this
right, you could write an executable binary file and if IE will find a line in a
file close to <A HREF="">, it will read it as a HTML page?! (how
tipically Microsoftish, and probably it crashes then;).
Ok, anyway, could there be a checkbox in openfile dialog to select whether to
open a page with Autodetect enabled or not? (Also the same checkbox could be at
bookmark property, if there is a page you always want to view with autodetect
content enabled...).
> But which line of the code does IE find and assume it is HTML?

Presumably the one that says <html>, though it likely detects a wider array of

You could certainly file an RFE on the checkbox thing, but I gotta warn you:
it'd be kinda hard to implement (hence be low-priority and take a while) and the
standards-compliance people might have issue with it... This is not to say such
an rfe should not be filed.  If it is, file it on HTTP networking and cc me.
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Summary: Page doesn't show right in Mozilla, but does in IE → - Page doesn't show right in Mozilla, but does in IE

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16 years ago
*** Bug 215485 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Same with this other page:
Now the site sents a correct MIME type. Resolving as FIXED.

Ildefonso: for problems with a website other than, please file a
separate bug.
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