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Abusive websites spawns series of unwanted tabs


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Steps to reproduce:

Hi I would ask about any protection against this website .New Firefox don't is able protect itself.

Actual results:

If I want to close new tab after it is open a lot of new tab .It is crazy .
I can't reproduce issue, maybe because I'm using uBlock Orgin.
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Component: Untriaged → Security
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LOOK picture my Brother .How Mozilla Team want to survive next ""Pwn2Own"" if stupid website destroy Browser .
@ Gijs Kruitbosch [:Gijs] - Please have a look on this bug, it could be the same or similar issue as bug #1208825. Thanks.
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Using the attachment, I just get a notification bar warning that the page has tried to open a crapload of popups, but no new tabs open, and I can click the tab close icon just fine (while the initial alert is up, or if I click the [OK] button on the alert which seems to just reload the page) to make the tab go away.

I can't open the original URL in the report (my ISP has blocked it).

To the reporter: do you have the popup blocker disabled or something?

Without more details about why the popup blocker wouldn't be blocking the calls (which I can't see any reason for off-hand from looking at the source of the attached page) it's going to be difficult to do anything meaningful here.
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Needinfo for comment #8.
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Summary: Protect Firefox → Abusive websites spawns series of unwanted tabs
My ABP plus blocker doesn't work i Firefox 57.But as you now I have check how new Firefox 57 works .It will be able survive on "Pwn2Own"
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Attached video screencast.mp4
I also don't have any problem with Firefox, when I want to close this tab, see attached screencast. Thanks for looking into it Gijs Kruitbosch [:Gijs].
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So wither you disabled popup blocker as Gijs Kruitbosch [:Gijs] wrote or other extension is causing this, so try with clean new fresh profile without any addons (extensions, plugins, themes, etc.). I'm marking this bug WORKSFORME for now, reopen if you still will be reproducing issue in new profile.
Closed: 4 years ago
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