Spacing between Bookmark item Icon and Label should be 4px

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Ah, I forgot about this one. Thank you!
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Make space between bookmark item icon and label 4px instead of 5px. r=johannh

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Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 5.03.41 PM.png

I verified this on Windows 10 with the latest Nightly 57.0a1(2017-08-18) and I see 6 px not 4. Please see the attachment and also note that on Mac Os X 10.10 I see 4 px as expected.
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Bookmark Item Measurements

There will be some visual difference depending on what the font is and what the end character is. In this case we would have to trust the calculations from the Browser Toolbox or draw a background on the label to use for measuring.

It looks correct to me. On macOS at least.
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Thanks Stephen, you are right on Mac I can confirm that the spacing is 4 px, but I think this 4 px spacing should be applied on all OSes, right? From what I see on Windows this spacing is not the expected one. Please tell me what are the expected results in order to be able to mark this bug as verified or not. Thanks
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Is this bug only for Mac OS? Please tell me the expected result in order to verify this, or the expected result that was described in comment 7 is the right one?  Thanks
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Stephen, can you please help me with this, see comment 7. Thanks

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(In reply to ovidiu boca[:Ovidiu] from comment #10)
> Stephen, can you please help me with this, see comment 7. Thanks

According to the inspector the current spacing is 4px and is correct.
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Thanks for your help, I verified this on Mac Os X 10.12 and Windows 10 with FF Nightly 58.0a1(2017-11-02) and I can confirm this fix.
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