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Preferences page does not gain focus from click


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Steps to reproduce:

In v57, enter preferences (i.e., click the Hamburger button and go to "Preferences").

Note how the focus is in the "Find in Preferences" search box. So, because of this, the cursor keys and PgUp/PgDn keys have no effect to advance the page.

In order to make the page capable of advancing via keyboard (i.e., cursor keys), one traditionally has to click the page to give focus. So user clicks "white space" on the Preferences page with the intention of gaining focus for keyboard navigation.

Actual results:

The Preferences page does not gain focus, that is, it is still not capable of being advanced via cursor keys.

Since Firefox (on linux) no longer has mouse clickable up/down scrollbar buttons at the top/bottom of the scrollbar, the only way to advance the page is via the laborious effort of clicking & dragging the scrollbar. (Granted Desktop users may have a scroll wheel and some laptop users like Mac users have scroll capabilities via their touchpad but not all users have this on their laptops or have disabilities that prevent them from using their fingers/wrists in scroll-by-touchpad motions).

Expected results:

User should be able to switch focus to the Preferences page (making it capable for advancing via cursor keys) by clicking "white space" on the page.
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: this bug is a major usability issue. Clicking white space should bring focus to the page for keyboard navigation. This is the behavior of every other web-browser and is expected by users. Not having it makes navigation of Firefox a lot for difficult than user's experience in Chrome for example.
Seems rather minor to me, you can hit tab to move focus out of the search box.
The page doesn't gain focus because it's a XUL page versus normal HTML webpages.
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Duplicate of bug: 1366503
Duplicate of bug: 1363728
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