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[Win] Optimize the way we resolve proxy settings


(Core :: Networking: HTTP, enhancement, P3)




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firefox96 --- fixed


(Reporter: mayhemer, Assigned: kershaw)


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(Keywords: leave-open, perf, Whiteboard: [necko-next][proxy])


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With the default prefs we do async proxy resolution for every channel.  Most users these days have Windows set to "no proxy" in the Windows internet settings.  We should detect changes by observing for either registry changes or doing some other magic and bypass proxy resolution completely when no proxy has been specified.

I can see 20+ ms (on a fast machine, in an opt build!) on EVERY channel.  This also includes main thread dispatch.

Not sure we could have this for 57, but would definitely be nice.

Loosely blocking CDP.
One simple solution (some probability of regression prove..) could be to refresh the registry settings only when loading a top level document and not for sub-resources.
Keywords: perf
Whiteboard: [necko-next]
Whiteboard: [necko-next] → [necko-next][proxy]
Assign to myself, but maybe fix later, so keep necko-next.
Assignee: nobody → xeonchen
Bulk change to priority:
Priority: P3 → P2
Assignee: xeonchen → nobody
Priority: P2 → P3
Assignee: nobody → kershaw
Duplicate of this bug: 1652083

Add leave-open, since linux and android parts are not completed.

Keywords: leave-open
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P1: [windows] Monitor system proxy changes, r=necko-reviewers,dragana
P2: [osx] Monitor system proxy changes, r=necko-reviewers,dragana
Regressions: 1749501
No longer blocks: 1652083
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