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3 months ago
When adding message filter rules, there is a nice dialogue to choose the match criteria and action.  Radio buttons allow you to specify how your matching criteria should be processed: all of the criteria, any of the criteria or just all messages with no criteria.

My challenge is that I am subscribed to many mailing lists, the linux kernel, wine-dev, gcc, gcc-patches, etc., etc.  I have one rule that looks for messages sent To or Cc me as well as one of these lists and it highlights it and stops processing.  Later, I process all of these other messages and send them into their respective folders (which is the only way to manage getting 500+ emails per day).

The problem is that I have some 100-odd filter rules.  A great many of these could be consolidated if I could match AND and OR criteria in their usual algebraic form.  For instance, if I could create a rule that says:

If an email contains
To or Cc ""
AND (From, To, Cc or Bcc ""
     OR From, To, Cc or Bcc ""
     OR From, To, Cc or Bcc ""
     OR From, To, Cc or Bcc ""
... etc.

Then I could group a great many of my rules into single rules.  I haven't dug into thunderbird, so I don't know how these are represented internally, but maybe there is a reasonable way to expose the internal representation to provide this functionality.

If you really wanted to make us programmers happy, then let us use perl-compatible regular expressions! :)



3 months ago
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Great idea. Sadly any development of new features is done my volunteers and if you can't muster anyone, the enhancement request won't be actioned. Also, this and/or processing is deeply entrenched in the code base, so what you're asking for can't be done on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Comment 2

3 months ago may help. But it does need an update for current versions of Thunderbird.
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