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This bug is for Linux Plugin documentation only, bug 104506 is the general bug

Adding dep. to Bug 104506 (Working plug-ins status and files needed for Mozilla)
Feel free to add Linux-specific plugin information to this bug, including
crossover related stuff :)

I'll get around to this when I get back from Melbourne on the 29th
Blocks: PluginDoc
Flash Plugin for Mozilla :

Just go to get flash_linux.tar.gz untar it and put & ShockwaveFlash.class files into /path/to/mozilla/plugins for
a general install or to ~/.mozilla/plugins for a local install

Real Player 8 Plugin Mozilla:

Go to you realplayer installation directory and find & to
the same one of the directories above

Quicktime & Windows Media Player

These plugings are not natively supported on linux but you can download
CrossOver plugin from and install that plugins too .
Installation is fairly easy.
Almost no plugins work when using a gcc 3 build... They fail like the Java
plugin: LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
undefined symbol: __vt_17nsGetServiceByCID]
Alias: PluginDocLinux
This text is my theory about why "most plugins fail when using a gcc 3

I recently installed the macromedia flash plugin 5.0.50 for mozilla 1.0
(compiled with gcc 3.0) on a linux x86 system. But when a page containing
a flash object was loaded, mozilla crashed with the following error:

        /usr/local//lib/mozilla-1.0.0/mozilla-bin: error while loading
        shared libraries: /home/after/.mozilla/plugins/
        undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_new

A quick search in the shared libraries showed that __builtin_vec_new is
defined in:

        (which is a symlink to

The debian package page for this library [1] says that this lib is
needed by "C++ programs built with the gnu/egcs compiler version 1.1.x".
For example, some (all ?) versions of the sun's java runtime environment
require this library.

For an obscure reason, the flash plugin was unable to find the
symbol __builtin_vec_new in /usr/lib/ One
of the solutions to this problem is to set the LD_PRELOAD environment

        $ env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ mozilla

With the above command, the flash plugin does not crash mozilla anymore.

Explanation: libstdc++, the gnu standard c++ library [2], is included
in the gcc package, and it is said in [2] that "older snapshots of this
library were given the name libstdc++-2.9x up until the release of
gcc 3" (this old version is named "" on my

This explains all: gcc 2.9x includes libstdc++-2.9x, gcc 3 includes
libstdc++-v3, but the flash plugin needs libstdc++-2.9x... So, the
correct statement is not "most plugins fail when using a gcc 3 build",
but "most plugins fail when libstdc++-2.9x is not found".

Those plugins can work on a system on which gcc 3 is installed: just
install libstdc++-2.9x (this will *not* conflict with the already
installed libstdc++-v3) and set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable
so that it points to the libstdc++-2.9x shared library...

Libstdc++-2.9x source can be found here [3]. Binary versions of this
library are also available, check [1] and [4].


Oops ! Please iqnore my previous message :) I have written it when I was not
aware of the fundamental reason of the problem (gcc 3.x and gcc 2.9x have
different name mangling as well as a different ABI).

However, I still confirm that the macromedia flash plugin 5.0r50 (for linux)
*works* with mozilla 1.0.x (compiled with gcc 3.0) when the LD_PRELOAD
environment variable points to a 2.9x version of libstdc++.
Depends on: 133102
Depends on: 186487
Depends on: 189457
One can download RP9 compatable codecs for realplayer.  I've tried to use them
with Galeon 1.3.something (not Mozilla).  Real player is not perfect, but often
works embeded in the browser.  I don't know how much effect using the patches
has; I haven't investigated this.

I guess the information should be added to:

Happy to follow your click through, BTW, Hendikins.

rjones-mzlaSPAM (e-mail address) icoSPAM,vivaSPAM,orgLOVELYSPAM
Information from Comment 6 added (amongst other things)
Linux plugin list does not mention mozilla-bonobo: Mozilla plugin for using
bonobo components (GNOME). Can work in any platform where GNOME works.

Could you please add the VLC media player plugin (GNU/Linux and Windows).
I agree with comment 8 - I just discoved mozilla-bonobo and it's REALLY nice!
To install Adobe SVG viewer in Firefox, follow the instructions on, but replace all occurences of
"mozilla" in to "firefox" before running it.

This bug does not seem to be tracking work any more. Hendy has done several revamps since 2005. If you disagree with this closing please reopen.
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