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[nosdk] Valence addon still using sdk dependencies


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We need to update the Valence addon to no longer rely on the SDK classes.
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I double checked that Valence is not shipped with DevEdition; but it's just installed the first time WebIDE is opened in any Firefox versions, despite what the Valence's repo said.

It seems to me, that the quickest way to avoid that, it's just set this pref to `false`:

Or remove the pref, and hard code this to `false`:

Since AFAIK we want to remove WebIDE code anyway, it doesn't seems to me valuable refactoring WebIDE code to remove any Valence / Adapters reference.

Alex, since you've more insight about adb-helper / valence than me, what do you think? Seems reasonable proceed in this way?
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Removing the pref and all code that use it sounds like a good approach.

But that's not all the entry points for Valence.
There is also an entry for it in "extra components" panel,
in WebIDE select "Project > Manage extra components" menu entry,
you will see "Tools adapters Add-on" entry.
This should be implemented here:

Otherwise a code search on "adapters" should help identifying all things related to valence:

Also we may put some messages on MDN to say it is no longer maintained:
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See Also: → 1397274
Alex, I filed bug 1397274 for the docs, thanks!

About the patch, I run the webIDE tests (devtools/client/webide/test/) and I got a couple of errors, especially one modal saying: "Can’t fetch the add-on list: JSON not available, CDN error: [object ProgressEvent], storage error: Empty cache for devtools.webide.addonsURL" but since I got the same results in mozilla central without the patch updated, I believe is not related to this changes.

Build and run WebIDE seems fine, but I don't know the codebase, so let's double check to see if I missed anything else.
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Bug 1393497 - remove Valence from WebIDE;

Thanks Matteo for this cleanup, it looks good.

r+ assuming you get a green try.
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remove Valence from WebIDE; r=ochameau
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