A string on net error page isn't avaliable for translation (again)




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Build ID: 20170829100404

Steps to reproduce:

Go to https://adrdir.qq.com/ as an example.

Actual results:

Everything can be translated to Chinese, except the technical details section.

Expected results:

The text in technical details should be avaliable for translation, as showed in the picture.

I'm awared that nothing is on the site. I just use it as an example to show that the text in technical details section is not translated and cannot be translated since there is not such a string in any .po files on Pontoon.

Probably it's necessary to point out that you need to connect to https://adrdir.qq.com/ over HTTPS so that you will see the problem.

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Created attachment 8902669 [details]
Marked which part is in English and which is in Chinese
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Duplicate of this bug: 1394836
Assignee: nobody → shaohua.wen
Component: General → zh-CN / Chinese (Simplified)
Product: Firefox for Android → Mozilla Localizations
QA Contact: shaohua.wen
Version: 55 Branch → unspecified

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a year ago
The report from the zh-CN team.
Assignee: shaohua.wen → nobody
Component: zh-CN / Chinese (Simplified) → General
Product: Mozilla Localizations → Firefox for Android
QA Contact: shaohua.wen
Version: unspecified → 55 Branch

Comment 4

a year ago
This bug influences all non-English users.
I was able to reproduce this bug on latest Nightly build with Huawei MediaPad M2 (Android 5.1.1) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android 7.0). Marking as New.
status-firefox60: --- → affected
Ever confirmed: true
[triage] Potentially critical in the sense that hitting this page (which probably doesn't happen often) could provide non-English speakers a negative impression of Firefox (though l10n team said that it's usually acceptable if a few strings go untranslated). Susheel, what do you think?
Flags: needinfo?(sdaswani)
Priority: -- → P1
not critical.
Flags: needinfo?(sdaswani)
Re-triaging per https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1473195

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
Priority: P1 → P5
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