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Add TrustCor certificates to NSS


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This bug requests inclusion in the NSS root store of the following root certificates owned by TrustCor Systems.

Friendly Name: TrustCor RootCert CA-1
Cert Location:
SHA-1 Fingerprint: FF:BD:CD:E7:82:C8:43:5E:3C:6F:26:86:5C:CA:A8:3A:45:5B:C3:0A
SHA-256 Fingerprint: D4:0E:9C:86:CD:8F:E4:68:C1:77:69:59:F4:9E:A7:74:FA:54:86:84:B6:C4:06:F3:90:92:61:F4:DC:E2:57:5C
Trust Flags: Email; Websites
Test URL:
Friendly Name: TrustCor RootCert CA-2
Cert Location:
SHA-1 Fingerprint: B8:BE:6D:CB:56:F1:55:B9:63:D4:12:CA:4E:06:34:C7:94:B2:1C:C0
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 07:53:E9:40:37:8C:1B:D5:E3:83:6E:39:5D:AE:A5:CB:83:9E:50:46:F1:BD:0E:AE:19:51:CF:10:FE:C7:C9:65
Trust Flags: Email; Websites
Test URL:
Friendly Name: TrustCor ECA-1
Cert Location:
SHA-1 Fingerprint: 58:D1:DF:95:95:67:6B:63:C0:F0:5B:1C:17:4D:8B:84:0B:C8:78:BD
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 5A:88:5D:B1:9C:01:D9:12:C5:75:93:88:93:8C:AF:BB:DF:03:1A:B2:D4:8E:91:EE:15:58:9B:42:97:1D:03:9C
Trust Flags: Email; Websites
Test URL:

This CA has been assessed in accordance with the Mozilla project guidelines, and the certificates approved for inclusion in bug #1231853.

The next steps are as follows:
1) A representative of the CA must confirm that all the data in this bug is correct, and that the correct certificates have been attached.
2) A Mozilla representative creates a patch with the new certificates, and provides a special test version of Firefox.
3) A representative of the CA uses the test version of Firefox to confirm (by adding a comment in this bug) that the certificates have been correctly imported and that websites work correctly.
4) The Mozilla representative requests that another Mozilla representative review the patch.
5) The Mozilla representative adds (commits) the patch to NSS, then closes this bug as RESOLVED FIXED.
6) At some time after that, various Mozilla products will move to using a version of NSS which contains the certificates. This process is mostly under the control of the release drivers for those products.
Attached file TrustCorECA-1.crt
Neil, Please see step #1 above.

TrustCor ECA-1 - The Test URL is incorrect.  All other information listed above is correct.

The Test URL specified in the self-assessment and in our latest CPS document is correct:

Correct Test URL for ECA-1 is:

TrustCor RootCert CA-1 - All information listed above is correct

TrustCor RootCert CA-2 - All information listed above is correct 


Thanks for that correction, and for confirming that the rest of the data in this bug is correct.

Root inclusions are usually grouped and done as a batch when there is either a large enough set of changes or about every 3 months.

At some point in the next 3 months a test build will be provided and this bug will be updated to request that you test it. Since you are cc'd on this bug, you will get notification via email when that happens.
Hello Neil,
Could you provide real websites working under this three certificates?
Kathleen and Aaron have independently verified our test URIs, without report of any issues pertaining to our certificate issuance.
After a few months, Kenny may want to add your certificates to Android and with ECA-1 Root Certificate there may be a problem... (Sorry for this post is off topic.)
Depends on: 1408080

The test build is available:

Please test as soon as possible:

Add a comment in this bug as soon as you have completed your testing.
Whiteboard: [ca-testing]

We have gone through all the test vectors mentioned in the ticket, using two distinct testers, and all tests yield correct results. We are satisfied that the trust anchors are correctly built into this NSS release, and have verified that the trust bits are appropriately set for each root certificate.


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Whiteboard: [ca-tested] → In NSS 3.34, FF 58
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