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about:mozilla layout/design improvement


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Given that we are updating the test in bug 1370613, we might as well update the layout/design too. There are a few things I think we should improve.

1. The text does not wrap on wide screens -- we should give it a max-width and let it wrap.
2. Italic looks ugly on East Asian writing systems. We should remove it.
3. Also, given that we have implemented vertical writing (bug 145503), we should use that on this page to mimic the typical layout(*) of actual scriptures, like [1] 

(Let's see if the community is interested.)
Mentor: timdream
Priority: -- → P5
Hi Tim,
I would like to work on this bug if its unassigned. 
I am new to contribution and new to coding. If given proper guidance I am sure I can work on it.

With Regards,
Hi Abhishek!

Feel free to propose a patch to this bug; I've layout some initial ideas in comment 0, but I guess you would need your designer's brain to make it look nice :)
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Reset for not getting a response.
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I made the following changes:

- set the max-width to 940px
- removed italic font style (it's still italic when <em> is used)
- use vertical writing for "from The Book of Mozilla, 11:14" (for min-width: 1100px)
- centered the content in the middle of the screen
- replaced background gradient with solid color
- used color from the Photon design system as background color (red-70)

What do you think? Do you want more changes?
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Thanks for the contribution but I don't think this is what we want -- this feels like overuse of CSS features for no apparent purposes. For example, there is no need to use vertical writing outside of Eastern Asian writing system.
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Okay, then I misunderstood the third point of the bug's description. ;-) Could you show an example how it can be used only for Eastern Asian writing systems?

Hi Tim , can this bug be assigned to me . I am an outreachy applicant and it would be great to start off with this issue .

I am sorry, I can no longer mentor any bugs.

Mentor: timdream
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