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Add toast notifications when forms, passwords and credit cards are saved


(Toolkit :: Form Manager, enhancement, P3)

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(Reporter: ashish, Unassigned)


* Open a login page, enter credentials
* Firefox offers to remember the login credentials, press Remember

Actual results:
* No feedback whether the login credentials were stored

Expected results:
* A visual confirmation of the credentials being stored
* If this was the first time, also show the user the appropriate section in Preferences

After Firefox saves form information, username/password credentials, or credit card numbers, there is no visual confirmation. A simple toast notification would be a great improvement over no feedback at all. The user gets a visual confirmation of an action instead of wondering what really happened.

Ideally, the user should also be shown where to find these in Preferences, but a visual toast would be a good start. Bug 1387042 provides such a toast for the Copy link and Email link page actions.
This isn't really directly related to 1387042 besides the fact that that used a toast, too, so I don't think we need to track it as "see also".
Component: General → Form Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
See Also: 1387042
For login credentials, isn't the key icon disappearing enough feedback?
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Add toast notifications for forms, passwords, credit cards, etc. → Add toast notifications when forms, passwords and credit cards are saved
I would not have opened this bug if not for the pleasant user experience with the "Copy Link..." page action :) It would be great if the same UX can be extended to other actions that have historically not provided any feedback to the user on success.
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