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Enable SOL and disable onboard graphics for w8 machines retasked to w10


(Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard :: CIDuty, task, P1)


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(Reporter: arich, Assigned: aobreja)



I forgot that a number of the w8 machines had the onboard display still active when we moved them over to w10. Can one of you please go through and do: for all of those machines (and we'll need to do that for the next batch of 60 in bug 1398884).
This needs to be fixed asap for those machines already in production, since they might be having issues with graphics jobs.
Assignee: nobody → aobreja
Priority: -- → P1
Searched for a solution to disable Onboard Graphics using ipmitool commands to avoid having to login to each console but it seems that this solution is not whitin ipmitool options so I had to manually disable onboard Graphics,currently done within range
Done disable onboard Graphics and puted in production within range [110-120][125-135].
Done for almost all machines, range [136-215];[121-125] with few exception:
Done for all machines that were migrated to win10.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Release Engineering → Infrastructure & Operations
Product: Infrastructure & Operations → Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard
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