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Update SUMO for Android Activity Stream


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(Reporter: mcomella, Assigned: jsavage)



(Whiteboard: [mobileAS])

It's unclear that users will know how to use all the new changes so we should have a page for AS on SUMO. Also, all of the existing documents need to get updated for the new design.

Also, specific concerns:
- Users used to be able to edit/pin custom sites by long-pressing a tile and selecting, "Edit" in the context menu. However, we replaced that option with: visit a site, click the 3-dot menu -> Page -> Pin to Top Sites (bug 1398834). You can no longer enter fully custom sites but we felt this should be sufficient for now.

NI Jenn to talk to the SUMO folks.
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Adding Joni who might be able to do the SUMO pages for this. Please let us know if there are any questions you have for the behavior, or we can also ask UX.
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See Also: → 1402005
Here's a link that you can use in product. Content coming up.
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Thank you, Joni!
All open Activity Stream bugs are moving from the whiteboard tag, "[mobileAS]", to the Firefox for Android component, "Activity Stream", so that I can keep better track of these bugs as the new triage owner; I will send out an email shortly with additional details, caveats, etc.
Component: Awesomescreen → Activity Stream

Heads up, the in-product URL is coming up as a 404 error because the format is different from comment #2.
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(In reply to Joni Savage ("need info" me) from comment #5)
> Heads up, the in-product URL is coming up as a 404 error because the format
> is different from comment #2.

Hey Joni. I no longer 404. Here's what I see in my testing:
- The URL that the browser navigated to, at the time I wrote the patch, was:
- Navigating to ^ link in desktop redirects to editing old top sites [1]
- Clicking "Learn More" in my local mobile builds redirects to the same place, editing old top sites [1]

Did you just update the page? Perhaps it's still cached on your end. Are you still seeing the 404?

Note: I could be more thorough and test on Beta but I didn't to save time.

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Hi Michael,

I didn't make any changes recently, but I'm no longer getting a 404 error. I will update the article mentioned in comment #6 so that it shows the new activity stream feature in the next couple of weeks.
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This is completed.
Closed: 4 years ago
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