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Snap: Use Canonical partner config instead of a duplicated one


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At the moment, distribution.ini is stored in-tree at [1]. We may eventually generate non-Ubuntu snaps. However, the first releases will be Ubuntu-based. Then, we must use the config defined at [2]. This public repo should be cloned and replace the files copied at [3]

I would say we should merge them, because the one we use has special config variables and they are not the same with the repack.

app.update.enabled=false -> to disable automatic update checks (they are useless in snap). Ideally we should disable the updater all together, but that requires a full rebuild

intl.locale.matchOS=true -> The snap package comes with multiple locales. There is no UI to select the desired locale, so we have to use the LANG env variable to detect it. -> Not sure if this is required, but IIRC something didn't work to set the default browser from snap.
Thanks for the context, Rail!

:mkaply planned to modify what's in the partner repo so that it matches Canonical's. I just realized he's waiting on us to get that landed. I'm on it.
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I pushed a new image in order to have git in it. I tested that image manually at [1]. I tweaked the task definition a little bit in order to use that I'm going to upload. I stripped out the upload part, for this test.

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Bug 1401620 - Snap: Use Canonical partner config instead of a duplicated one
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Snap: Use Canonical partner config instead of a duplicated one r=rail
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+ git clone /home/worker/workspace/partner_config
./ line 31: git: command not found
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Looks like we didn't pull Done on bm85. Hopefully this fixes the issue.
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Was fixed in 57.0b4: Thanks Rail for pulling the latest changes!
Closed: 2 years ago2 years ago
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