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Snap: Missing .desktop file


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Not set


(firefox56 fixed, firefox57 fixed, firefox58 fixed)

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firefox56 --- fixed
firefox57 --- fixed
firefox58 --- fixed


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First review came out of the Snap Store:

> desktop interfaces (unity7,x11) specified without a corresponding meta/gui/*.desktop
> file. If using snapcraft, please see
> Otherwise, please provide a desktop file in meta/gui/*.desktop (it should reference one of
> the 'apps' from your snapcraft/snap.yaml). lint-snap-v2_meta_gui_desktop
> Please provide a desktop file and reupload.
> Thank you for uploading a snap!
> To check review details, go to
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Bug 1390071 - Snap: Add required .desktop file
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This is a first revision. The desktop file come from the one they used at Ubuntu[1], so the Ubuntu people won't see any change. I manually replaced the variables because:
* MOZ_OFFICIAL_BRANDING => We currently only ship official builds
* @MOZ_DISPLAY_NAME@ => Same thing. I replaced it by "Firefox"
* @MOZ_APP_NAME@ => Thanks to our snapcraft.yaml[2], we know the command line will be "firefox" alone.

We should probably depend on the l10n toolchain. I filed bug 1390152 to keep track of this. 

Assignee: nobody → jlorenzo
Blocks: snappy
No longer blocks: 1390152
I tested the patch locally with an ubuntu docker instance. I crafted the snap, and extracted it[1] and verified that the file:
> squashfs-root/meta/gui/firefox.desktop

snapcraft didn't report any additional error.

[1] unsquashfs firefox_*_amd64.snap
Landed on beta at:

Landing on central will follow after the next beta, if it worked.
For 56.0b3 build1 we got:
The path 'prime/distribution/firefox.desktop' set for 'desktop' in 'firefox' does not exist.

Full log -
Hmmm, that part was working for me on a local ubuntu docker image. I ran snapcraft v2.33. Maybe the real docker image is too old. I'm looking into this.
My previous guess was wrong. We use the latest snapcraft client, because we perform a `dist-upgrade` at each run.

That was working on another instance because I hadn't run `` but copy and pasted some commands. I reproduce the error locally, on the real docker image, with ``. This fixes the missing desktop file.
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Review of attachment 8897786 [details] [diff] [review]:

Sgtm. Sorry I didn't catch this in review either :(
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Was fixed in comment 10.
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Oops, I just realized that landed only on beta (56) back then. I should fix it in 57 too.
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Snap: Add required .desktop file r=mtabara
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