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location bar "eyeglass" icon stays in location bar after editing the URL


(Firefox :: Address Bar, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox57 + wontfix
firefox58 --- affected


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(Keywords: blocked-ux, papercut, Whiteboard: [fxsearch])

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

I noticed today that I had a window showing the "eyeglass" search icon in the location bar.  Most windows show the "circle with an i" symbol instead.  It seems like there is some race when typing in location bar and opening the window that breaks the mode switch.

Note, while the search icon is there copying the URL out of the bar excludes the "http://" scheme from the URL.  This is how I noticed the problem.

Unfortunately I have not be able to reproduce the race again.
Keywords: regression
Oh, its not a race.  Here are STR:

1. Open a searchfox URL with some line information, like:

2. Edit the line information off the URL, but don't hit enter
3. Click out of the URL bar.

At this point the URL bar is left in search mode.  If you copy the URL it does not include the "http://" part of the URL.

I guess this is partly user error on my part, but I find the behavior a bit surprising.
Summary: sometimes search "eyeglass" icon stays in location bar after load → location bar "eyeglass" icon stays in location bar after editing the URL
AFAICT this is the same in 56?
Yea, similar behavior in FF55.  One slight difference is the "circle with i" is greyed out instead of getting the different icon.

Anyway, I don't think this is a regression.
Keywords: regression
This is a new UX requested behavior, when the urlbar is in edit mode or empty it shows a magnifier glass.
Evaluating the fact you find it confusing is UX matter.
Flags: needinfo?(philipp)
Tracked for now, if there isn't much progress or a fix in ~2 weeks, this will most likely be a wontfix for 57.
Too late for a patch for 57 at this point mid-way through the beta cycle. 

mak, is this still something you are planning for 58?  I don't think release management needs to track this unless you want extra help getting work landed in time for a deadline.
Flags: needinfo?(mak77)
I don't think this is something critical for 57, and I don't think we need tracking. UX may have ideas about how to improve the situation in 58 to make it less confusing for the user when he "forgets" text types in the urlbar.
Eric, could you please evaluate this in UX, and eventually forward to someone for evaluation?
Flags: needinfo?(philipp)
Flags: needinfo?(mak77)
Flags: needinfo?(epang)
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
I'll look into this, when some time opens up.  Leaving NI on myself as a reminder!
Duplicate of this bug: 1496634
See Also: → 1467050
See Also: → 1387777
Priority: P2 → P3
Flags: needinfo?(epang)
Keywords: blocked-ux
Keywords: papercut
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