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Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 5.0.1),Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Android 5.1 x86) ;
Build: Nightly 58.0a1 (2017-09-25);

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Fennec and long tap on any item from Top Sites list;
2. Choose 'Pin Site';
3. Choose 'Remove'.

Expected result:
The item has been removed from both the 'History' and the 'Top Sites' panels.

Actual result:
The item can't be removed.
There are two different kinds of top sites tiles:
1. Top sites from history
2. Suggested sites

With 1), selecting "Delete from history" will delete the item from history but keep the top site pinned. You can unpin the site with "Unpin site". Additionally, it will add a "Remove" item because we consider top sites items without history to be suggested sites. However, this item does nothing because it assumes we're working with suggested sites. (oops!) Unpinning the site will cause it disappear from top sites.

For 2), selecting "Remove" will take no action ("Delete from history" is shown if the site has been visited before and the flow is more complicated). You can unpin the site with "Unpin site" and it'll disappear (unless it was visited).

We can fix both of these issues by unpinning a site when "Delete from history" or "Remove" is clicked, but it calls into question our assumption that top sites without history are suggested sites (I filed bug 1403354 for a bug I found because of this). I also wonder: is it intuitive that "Delete from history" will remove a site from top sites?

For the "Delete from history" case, we should also consider hiding the site if it's a suggested site because it doesn't come for free.
Summary: Can't remove a pined site → Can't remove a pinned site


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Priority: -- → P2
[triage] Bulk edit from title: this is a non-critical issue. Please remove priority if you wish this to be re-triaged.
Priority: P2 → P3

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Note: Top Sites Grid: on build 61.0b3 the "remove" option from context menu doesn't work for bookmarks either.
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