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float following page-break-after disappears in print layout


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Steps to reproduce:

Elements disappear in the print layout with page-break-after on the second page. This problem ocurse since Firefox 56. It happens in a combination of page-break-after, float and margin.

See the attachment. Its a simple screen and print layout. There are multiple pages (div) and every page includes 2 elements (A and B). Element a is float: right. Since Firefox 56 element a shows only on the frist page in the print preview and print result. (with "media emulate print" is all fine)
I've figuered that the problem is connected to the margin of the page/div. For the screen is a margin set, for the print that margin is reseted to zero. If the margin is set to none zero, for example 1px, it works.

Actual results:

Print Result:

Page 1
B  A

Page 2

Page 3

Expected results:

What is expected (and was until Firefox 56):

Print Result:

Page 1
B  A

Page 2
B  A

Page 3
B  A
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So I looked into this a bit today.

I started by having a little trouble with our reflow debugging tools, and filed bug 1407059 (with a workaround).

Then I found that what seems to be happening is that the floats that are supposed to be on the second and third pages end up stuck on the PushedFloatsList of their respective blocks.  This is because those blocks are initially reflowed on the prior page to where they end up, return overflow-incomplete status, but then get pushed in their entirety to the next page and reflowed again there, without having a continuation created.  When reflowed on the next page, nsBlockFrame::DrainSelfPushedFloats doesn't pull the float back because floatOriginalParent == this.  But we also don't reflow the float again because we don't reflow the line containing its placeholder.

I need to think more about what's *supposed* to happen here.
Summary: Elements disappear in print layout with page-break-after on the second page → float following page-break-after disappears in print layout
Too late to fix in 59. We can still take a patch for 61 or possibly 60.
I filed bug #1470436 this morning, but it looks like that might be a duplicate of this one. My use case, however, does not use float. It overlaps the thead onto the tbody of a table. (Test file attached on my issue)
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Regressed by: 1308876

This is not fixed by bug 1474771, so it needs further investigation.

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To my surprise, this isn't fixed by the patches in bug 1420528, so I'll need to debug further...

I have a patch queue that fixes this; I still need to write a reftest.

Assignee: nobody → dbaron
Blocks: 1406050
Blocks: 1409585

This depends on the line state stored in the previous patch, and will be
used in the following patch.

I'm passing this information through the reflow state here, rather than
doing an extra pass over the frame tree in the following patch, because
I believe it's substantially better for memory locality during reflow.

Here's a try run.

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Attachment #9082366 - Attachment description: Bug 1404868 - Record in the reflow state whether we're in a different page/column than before. → Bug 1404868 - Record in the reflow input whether we're in a different page/column than before.
Pushed by
Add reftests. r=TYLin
Record when lines are in a different fragment than the one in which they were previously reflowed. r=TYLin
Record in the reflow input whether we're in a different page/column than before. r=TYLin
Always reflow float placeholders when they move to a different block fragment. r=TYLin
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