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Provide a 'Paste as plain text' context menu option when the clipboard contains rich text


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Steps to reproduce:

When I use Chrome There are ability to paste as plain text, Firefox miss this function that is very useful... you have to open a bloc note on the pc paste than copy and past again in the web...

Actual results:

I AM unable to past as plain text in Firefox

Expected results:

Have an option in the right click and quick button to past as plain text in Chrome is Ctrl+maiusc+v
Severity: normal → enhancement
ctrl+shift+v pastes as plain text in Nightly 58, just tested in a 52 build through mozregression and it also works.
Thank you,

if you have a Google account and open a new Gmail support topic!newtopic/gmail-it

and you have HTML text for example with links etc... if I press ctrl+shift+v ... oh I understand... I have adblock plus installed so if I press ctrl 7 shift + v I AM unable to paste the text because a menu is opened from this plugin... as in Firefox I cannot use the right click for paste simple plain text ... seems I need remove the plugin....
Marking as invalid as the bug is caused by an add-on
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Could you consider to add on the right click the option as is on Chrome?
So user are able also to learn and know how to do... also you can choose to use on the right click.
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Andrew, do the context menu APIs allow for something like this to be implemented by an add-on?
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The context menu APIs certainly is able to add a "paste as text" item to context menus.  I think that actually implementing the behavior when that item is selected would be trickier.  Webextensions can use document.execCommand() but that doesn't have a "paste as text" option.  The extension could overwrite the contents of the clipboard but that isn't great...
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Thanks, I'll keep this in our backlog then since this isn't easily doable through extensions.
Priority: -- → P5
Summary: Paste as plain text → Provide a 'Paste as plain text' context menu option when the clipboard contains rich text
Thanks, I see this works very well on Chrome and you do not need an add on so hope really to see this available also in Firefox. It's a very useful function. Happy to see this on enhancement.
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