'sourceMaps is null' when opening any file in DevTools




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Steps to reproduce:

I disabled source maps in devtools settings.

Same issue reported here: https://stackoverflow.com/q/46679233/1959

Actual results:

I cannot open any file in devtools anymore. Instead of file contents I see the text 'sourceMaps is null'.

Toggling the source maps setting in dev tools does not fix the issue.
Manually toggling the 'devtools.debugger.source-maps-enabled' setting in about:config seems to have fixed the issue.

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a month ago
Restarting the browser also did not fix the issue.

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a month ago
TypeError: sourceMaps is null in debugger.js:19729:11

And spoke too soon, toggling the devtools.debugger.source-maps-enabled doesn't seem to fix anything. The problem came back and I'm still unable to load any file in dev tools.
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Comment 3

28 days ago
I don't see the "sourceMaps is null" in the editor, but I do see it in the browser console.
For me the editor just says "Loading..." and never changes.

The browser console says:

TypeError: sourceMaps is null[Learn More]  debugger.js:25005:1

I actually see several reports with different line numbers.

These STR worked for me:
* Turn the source map pref off
* Open https://tromey.github.io/source-map-examples/simple/index.html
* Open devtools
* Switch to debugger
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17 days ago
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This bug also have reproduce on Firefox 58.
Browser console is nothing to say, editor just say "loading...".
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