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servo directory in-tree has no BUGZILLA_COMPONENTS information


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Not set





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I had asked about this ~6 months ago, now the tree is basically done being annotated and we have a job run per/push which generates a map of source files -> bugzilla_component.  Ideally that job will go orange when we find files that do not have a clear owner- ownership is important in open source so when there are issues or questions with code any contributor can raise a bug and get it to the right people.
:jryans- would you know who could help out here outlining bugzilla_components for source files in servo/* ?  I assume this will be a mapping to specific directories vs individual files.
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the contents of the servo/ directory are an overlay of the servo/servo github repo.
servo-vcs-sync is the automation which performs this task; configuration of files is outside of its scope, moving to core::general.

if you want to add a file to the servo directory you need to file a pull-request on to get it added.  i'm not sure, but i suspect another option would be to update the root file.

as far as i'm aware servo issues are tracked mostly as github issues – however in places where there's interaction with gecko (eg. stylo) there are existing bugzilla components which deal with the related changes to gecko.
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The Stylo project has mostly used Bugzilla bugs for project tracking, even when only Servo side changes were made, so that project tracking isn't split across two trackers.

Here are some directories related to Stylo:


Those could all potentially be mapped to Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation.

Like :glob said, I am not sure where you'd actually put the file to map them...  Maybe at the root of m-c is the right choice.

I am not sure if other projects have /servo directories that could map to bug components.  I believe projects like WebRender use other Rust crates outside of /servo.
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You can put the files in the servo repo itself and the Files() based metadata will "just work." There doesn't need to be a reference to the servo/ directory in a non-servo/ Nothing in the servo repo/directory needs to consume the file.

We do this in version-control-tools:
I submitted a servo PR:

I assume this will get resolved in a reasonable amount of time
this landed today:
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