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Re-fix mode lines in dom/


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There have been "a few" new files added in the last two years since I did bug 1152551, so I think it is time to do this again. (As before, I have excluded dom/media.) Of course, the patch is much smaller this time (it was 1.2MB last time).
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This is the version of the script that I used to generate this patch. The canonical repo for this is:

In addition to making sure that the mode lines and MPL match those in the Coding Style guide, it also performs a rough analysis to make sure that the file is actually 2 space indented and not 4 space indented. Of course, this is somewhat ambiguous in general, so there's a conservative heuristic about the ratio between the two. If the script decides the file might be 4 space indented, it produces an error and I manually examine the file to decide if it is actually 2 space indented. If it is, I add it to a whitelist in the script (indentWhiteList), otherwise I add it to a blacklist (fileBlackList). This is mostly a problem for header files.
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Bug 1412125, part 1 - Manually add mode lines and MPL to files that were missing them entirely.
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Bug 1412125, part 2 - Fix dom/ mode lines.
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part 1 - Manually add mode lines and MPL to files that were missing them entirely. r=qdot
part 2 - Fix dom/ mode lines. r=qdot
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