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Intermittent GECKO(5440) | Assertion failed: mAllocatedResourceDeviceMemory[ResourceTypeIndex(resourceType)] >= memorySize, file z:/build/build/src/gfx/angle/src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/d3d11/ResourceManager11.cpp, line 397


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this had 54 failures in 1 day and bug 1412477 had 38 failures in 1 day- this looks to be failing 50% of the time.
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See Also: → 1412383
It seems that this bug is related to bug 1412383 since both of them are crashed inside memory management related code.

Possibly another OOM failure cannot be mitigated by enabling virtual memory.
Michael, can you keep following up here?  How can we resolve this?
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See Also: → 1413371
I am investigating on it.

It seems that sometimes when losing a gl context, ANGLE will release a 1GB-sized texture which is bigger than all allocation so an assertion is triggered.

I compared a successful and a failed gl8 mochitest, finding that there is no 1GB-sized texture release when the test is successful.

So I suspect the 1GB-sized release is bogus, but I have no idea why did that happen for now.
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OK, it seems that the 1GB-sized texture is totally legit.

I added logs on every resource allocate/release, tracking its inventory memory size before/after the allocate/release.

The 2 numbers represents number of objects and total size.

We can see one of the incrResource call, with one more object allocated but its size is significantly decreased, which is weird.

Also, the log inside ComputeMippedMemoryUsage said the object size is 16384*16384*4 = 1GB.

So if nothing going wrong, the correct size should be 3,982,035,420 + (16,384 * 16,384 * 4) = 3,982,035,420 + 1,073,741,824 = 5,055,777,244

Then we log it with floor number 2.

=>  log(5,055,777,244)/log(2) ~= 32.24

It just overflew.

So the problem is not OOM, it is actually an unsigned int overflow.

However, sometime it does not allocate texture that large.

Now I think we should investigate how ANGLE decide the size of texture and why this size varies among every mochitest ran.
I found that if we see the warning below, the test will not fail.
JavaScript warning: http://mochi.test:8888/tests/dom/canvas/test/webgl-mochitest/test_canvas_size.html, line 24: Error: WebGL warning: Requested size 16384x16384 was too large, but resize to 8192x8192 succeeded.

So this part is why the size varies among every mochitest run.

And interestingly, all the tests share same ANGLE context, and the overflow does not crash until we are releasing our WebGL context, so I think the crashes inside test_capture is actually broken by previous test instead of the test itself.
We can actually workaround this bug by limiting maximum texture/renderbuffer size to 8192x8192 if we encounter a 32-bit windows around here.

However, for ANGLE it should return OOM instead of just overflow.
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Bug 1412554 - Return GL_OOM if memory counter in ResourceManager11 overflow

C/C++ static analysis found 0 defects in this patch.

You can run this analysis locally with: `./mach static-analysis check path/to/file.cpp`
This assert is actually caused by test_canvas_size.html in gl8, which attempts allocating very large canvas that may overflow ANGLE's D3D11 ResourceManager, however, ANGLE does not check overflow when allocating resources, they only check memory size on release, so we trigger this assert in latter tests when we want to lose contexts.

I submitted a patch that checks whether the memory counter overflow or not, blocking allocation and returning GL_OOM if an upcoming overflow is perceived.

It seems that those intermittent failures are disappeared after this change.
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I reported this issue to Google as well.
if :jgilbert is not available to review, can we get someone else to review this?  Right now this failure rate of >600/week is pretty high.
I'll review today.
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Bug 1412554 - Return GL_OOM if memory counter in ResourceManager11 overflow

::: gfx/angle/src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/d3d11/ResourceManager11.cpp:391
(Diff revision 1)
>      {
>          ANGLE_TRY(ClearResource(renderer, desc, resource));
>      }
>      ASSERT(resource);
>      incrResource(GetResourceTypeFromD3D11<T>(), ComputeMemoryUsage(desc));

Calculate the memory only once, store it in a local:
`const auto resourceSize = ComputeMemoryUsage(desc);`

Honestly this should probably just be uint64, but we can take this fix now, and recommend ANGLE do that.
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Return GL_OOM if memory counter in ResourceManager11 overflow r=jgilbert
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Duplicate of this bug: 1412477
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Duplicate of this bug: 1412383
Sweet, this was only hit on try in the last 7 days.
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