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push notifications are unreliable when firefox is not running


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While getting bug 1409761 QA verified we noticed that push notifications don't appear when firefox is not running.  In my day to day use, I do sometimes get push notifications without FF running, but its hard for me to tell how many I might miss.

It would be nice if we had some way to verify the reliability of push-while-not-running.
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I have some issues with push notifications which may be the same issue.

If I solely run a PWA, I do not get ANY push notifications. However, if I additionally open a (regular) firefox instance, I receive push notifications without any problems.
Sadly, firefox disappears from the list of active apps after a while and therefore I do not get push notifications until I reopen ff again.
Therefore I thought it is related to bug 1513938 - but although the mention bug is fixed, this issue is still present in ff67.

This problem continues on Android 10 with Firefox for Android 68.11.0. There is currently no support for push notifications when the app is not open. The Push API currently does not behave differently for a user than the Notifications API, rendering the Push API useless on mobile. This is a blocker for all PWAs, whether open in PWA mode or viewed from within the browser.

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