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Determine correct behavior for LDFLAGS on Windows DMD builds


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There's an anomaly in how we build out ldflags for DMD builds on windows, discussed in bug 1411712. On Windows opt DMD builds, we override all OS_LDFLAGS with "-DEBUG". I traced this behavior back to bug 141834, which pre-dates DMD landing by about 10 years, so we should determine whether this is still what we want to be doing.
I don't know why that code works that way, but I think we should just remove it and ensure that MOZ_DMD implies MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS.
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Compared to a build without this patch, this cuts out: -LARGEADDRESSAWARE -NXCOMPAT -RELEASE -DYNAMICBASE

-NXCOMPAT and -DYNAMICBASE are no-ops because they are on by default. In fact I'd like to remove them altogether in a followup. -LARGEADDRESSAWARE is on by default in 64-bit builds. -RELEASE merely sets the binary's checksum. I very much doubt that DMD is going to notice any of this.

Also, I don't feel particularly inclined to make MOZ_DMD imply MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS. The latter has been on by default for internet-eons. If anyone builds --disable-debug-symbols on Windows, they brought it on themselves.

(My motivation to take this bug is to clean up handling of `-DEBUG` in preparation to use `-DEBUG:GHASH` with lld-link.)
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Windows DMD builds don't need special LDFLAGS behavior.

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Sounds good to me! Walking back weird historical oddities like this can be hard to justify, but it's definitely worthwhile to have less complexity to deal with.
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Windows DMD builds don't need special LDFLAGS behavior. r=ted
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