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Windows mingw32 builds are failing on Gecko 58 since the uplift to Beta (Automation Error: Can't checkout! | Caught exception: could not find the robustcheckout Mercurial extension)


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(firefox58 fixed, firefox59 fixed)

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Filed by: rvandermeulen [at]

Sorry, I'd been seeing these in my Try simulations as well but had chalked it up to something odd happening with the config hackery needed to support those pushes. Looks like it's real after all.
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It seems like there's two issues here (at least).

The first is the direct error:

>   INFO - Running main action method: clone_tools
>   INFO - retry: Calling _get_revision with args: (<mozharness.base.vcs.mercurial.MercurialVCS object at 0x7fc280e23750>, '/builds/worker/workspace/build/tools'), kwargs: {}, attempt #1
> WARNING - did not specify revision or branch; assuming "default"
>   INFO - rmtree: /builds/worker/workspace/build/tools
>  DEBUG - /builds/worker/workspace/build/tools doesn't exist.
>   INFO - retry: attempt #1 caught VCSException exception: could not find the robustcheckout Mercurial extension

I'm not sure what's causing this, but it may be related to Bug 1413737

The second is this:

>   INFO - The branch 'mozilla-beta' has custom behavior for the platform 'win32'. Updating self.config with the following from 'platform_overrides' found in 'builds/':
>   INFO - {'force_clobber': True,
>   INFO -  'src_mozconfig': 'browser/config/mozconfigs/win32/beta

I'm skeptical this will magically work, so we'll probably need to fix this.
See Also: → 1413737
nalexander got something similar in Fennec land...
(In reply to OrangeFactor Robot from comment #2)
> 4 failures in 857 pushes (0.005 failures/push) were associated with this bug
> in the last 7 days.    
> Repository breakdown:
> * mozilla-beta: 4
> Platform breakdown:
> * windows-mingw32-32: 4
> For more details, see:
> ?display=Bug&bugid=1414016&startday=2017-10-30&endday=2017-11-05&tree=all

Yeah -- see  Looked like mozharness is bananas.
The log in comment #0 shows mozharness running from a full checkout. This should "just work."
I fiddled a bit, but at this point I'm unsure how to proceed, but can try stuff if anyone has suggestions. If this is causing annoyances for people, I am perfectly fine orphaning -beta for MinGW / bumping it to Tier 3. (Tor will not use this branch for anything.)

But absent any real fix, and given a lifetime of unlucky lotto tickets, I don't see why this wouldn't come again when we branch beta next time; and in that branch we will care.
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Leaving these permafailing isn't an option. We need to either shut these builds off on non-Nightly branches or fix their configs.
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Bug 1414016 Remove the MinGW Build from beta due to build breaks

First off, I'm not a peer for this code so I can't give an r+ on it. That said, it'll likely get an r- anyway since you should be disabling this via instead (probably under filter_beta_release_tasks).
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Bug 1414016 Remove the MinGW Build from beta due to build breaks
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Remove the MinGW Build from beta due to build breaks r=aki
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A better fix would have been to set run-on-projects in the yaml file instead.
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