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We are still using hostutils based on firefox 50...time for an update.
On irc, jchen said the old xpcshell was causing https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1407679#c5, and that the new hostutils would need to include the patch for that bug. That's...non-standard, in that we usually build hostutils from a mozilla-central release, but I think we can be flexible.
See Also: → 1294256
Not sure if Autophone uses the same host-utils. If not, Autophone would also need updated XRE/xpcshell for bug 1407679. CCing Bob to get it on his radar.
See Also: → 1415368
I created a new hostutils based on https://treeherder.mozilla.org/#/jobs?repo=autoland&revision=dab1c5badddbf3dafd34b52700c3e1129f76d632, uploaded to tooltool and pushed a manifest update to try with the patch from bug 1407679; that seems to work well:


Tests fail if I update the manifest without the patch from bug 1407679, so I think the manifest update + bug 1407679 need to land simultaneously, along with whatever changes are needed for autophone.
I've built new linux host-utils and uploaded to tooltool. Here are the manifest updates to put that into use. Also noted specifics of this build on https://wiki.mozilla.org/Packaging_Android_host_utilities. Looks good on try:

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:snorp, :jchen - We should update the osx host-utils at the same time. I don't have convenient access to osx. Can one of you follow the instructions at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Packaging_Android_host_utilities for osx? I can upload to tooltool if you can get the archive to me.
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Sorry, I don't have a Mac anymore.
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Pushed by gbrown@mozilla.com:
Use new hostutils for Android browser tests; r=jmaher
Leave open for osx follow-up. Until a new osx host utils is deployed, developers may encounter errors running Android tests from osx hosts.
Keywords: leave-open
(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #9)
> Leave open for osx follow-up. Until a new osx host utils is deployed,
> developers may encounter errors running Android tests from osx hosts.

    "size": 72112596,
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    "digest": "4d3fe61dd8ad9ca09c72e677e8d2d5b7409988de32d6feb9fc55cb0a320a4835b6e2f384a68d2409e89e7a0d2f622bf3ceb9b707e01ad8afe1270ad0d1c9973c",
    "algorithm": "sha512",
    "filename": "host-utils-58.0a1.en-US.mac.tar.gz"

Followed instructions, but untested locally.  I'll try to run an xpcshell test today.
I think mochitests should be okay? Not sure if xpcshell tests use host-utils.
See Also: → 1416006
Thanks a lot Nick! The archive downloads for me, and looks right. If you can just verify that you've sanity tested the change, we can finish up here.

('mach mochitest testing/mochitest/tests/Harness_sanity' is my favorite.)
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Priority: -- → P1
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Just tested with bug1415242b
I can run my test now.
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Thanks Nevin. I'm going to go ahead and land this with r=me.
Keywords: leave-open
Pushed by gbrown@mozilla.com:
Update host-utils manifest for osx hosts; r=me, a=test-only
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 59
(In reply to Nevin Chen [:nechen] from comment #14)
> Just tested with bug1415242b
> I can run my test now.

Thanks for getting to this, Nevin.
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