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Update our in-tree ICU to 60.2


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Apply the patch for to correct the script properties for U+3000, U+3004, U+3012, U+3020, and U+3036 in ICU60. 

The patch will be necessary to fix some test262 failures for RegExp Unicode property escapes (bug 1361876).
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Priority: -- → P2
I wonder if we should also backport this commit <> given that the updated code seems to be used by us (at least it looks like that when looking at our coverage data).
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Import two ICU patches from upstream. r=Waldo
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Hmm, I'll guess I just drop the patch for and report upstream that the patch doesn't compile for all compilers resp. with certain compiler flags...
Added a comment to [1] to notify the ICU team that the patch won't compile under GCC4.9. 

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Comment on attachment 8930044 [details] [diff] [review]

There will be an ICU maintenance release (60.2) which includes both patches. It's already tagged in svn [1], but the official release date is next week (2017-12-11) [2]. Therefore marking the current patch as obsolete and instead we'll update to 60.2.

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Update title to reflect the new goal of this bug.
Summary: Add patch for ICU ticket 13462 → Update our in-tree ICU to 60.2
Applies the current patch at for AIX and uses it for all platforms to ensure the code compiles under GCC-4.9.
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Updates to ICU 60.2.
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ICU made a new 60.2 release which already includes the GCC4.9 workaround from comment #10.
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Attached patch bug1415827.patchSplinter Review
Updates ICU to release 60.2
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Update in-tree ICU to release 60.2. rs=Waldo
Depends on: 1429518
Closed: 6 years ago
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