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Add MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID=nightly to the nightly configure


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Because MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME will be renamed with a space "Firefox Nightly", we want to keep MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID to be "nightly" to avoid bug 1404956

The patch won't land until bug 1378834 has been verified.
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Bug 1417826 - Fix the MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID id

You probably want to get this reviewed by someone in "Build Config"[1].

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Bug 1417826 - Fix the MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID id

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The current id, as per the derivation in, would be firefoxnightly, not nightly, so this doesn't preserve the current id.
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Sorry, I realized that I didn't land it...
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Fix the MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID id r=glandium a=update-fix
Closed: 5 years ago
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What's going on here? The final patch hardcodes the bundle ID as "org.mozilla.firefoxnightly", which is precisely the situation this bug was created to avoid.

Now that the patch has landed, it has reintroduced bug 1404956 as predicted in the initial comment.
This bug was about keep the same bundle ID for Mac.
As Mike said in comment #3, it is supposed to be firefoxnightly (the changed that Aryx landed for me yesterday).

This is based on this patch:
which landed a month ago.
oh, ok, you mean that comment #3 from Mike was incorrect?
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(In reply to Sylvestre Ledru [:sylvestre] from comment #10)
> oh, ok, you mean that comment #3 from Mike was incorrect?

It looks that way, unless the intent really was to change the bundle ID from what it's historically been.

Previously, the bundle ID was "org.mozilla.nightly". This bug was created to keep it that way (as indicated by the bug summary), but either the plans changed or things got mixed up along the way.
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It wasn't the intent.
I just doubled check and it is was indeed org.mozilla.nightly
(found with osascript -e 'id of app "FirefoxNightly"')
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Backed out changeset cd7926a8269c. It was changing the bundle id on mac r=me a=update-fix
The last nightly is back as org.mozilla.firefox

Please let me know if you see any issue.
Confirmed as fixed. Thanks!
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