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Export mobile bookmarks when exporting as HTML


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Steps to reproduce:

1) configure nightly to sync bookmarks with android.
2) make sure you have bookmarks on mobile section in nightly (synced from android)
3) on nightly export bookmarks

Actual results:

mobile section is not exported in bookmarks.html
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
I think we need to teach,952 about the mobile root. JSON backups should already handle this correctly. ni? myself to look into this tomorrow, unless Mak or Standard8 get to it first.
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I wonder if there's a specific use-case to export mobile bookmarks to html. I suppose it's ok to do so, since html is the interchange format with third parties, but surely not a priority.
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Priority: -- → P3
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Just to confirm, mobile bookmarks do already get exported for the json format. So making this clear it is specific to html.
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Summary: export mobile bookmarks → Export mobile bookmarks when exporting as HTML
Component: Bookmarks & History → Places
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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