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Romanian cedilla strikes back in Bedrock


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Problem: OpenSans renders the romanian Șș letters with diacritics below with a cedilla as a diacritic. OpenSans also renders Țț with a comma below. The Romanian language uses comma below for diacritical marks for Ș/Ț.

I remember this bug being patched in Bedrock once with the help of Pascal Chevrel, but somehow that patch was not continued and we have a new regression in Romanian.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Visit the following page:

2. In the Romanian localization, look for the text containing: "Firefox blochează mijloacele de urmărire online în timp ce navighezi". The paragraph is rendered in OpenSans with S-cedilla and T-comma (screenshot attached).

I'd like to know if this can be patched again. Popular font suites have been rendering Romanian wrong for the past 10+ years. Not only wrong, but inconsistently wrong too with the mixture of diacritical marks.


Related upstream bug:

I can't find the previous fixed Bedrock bug about this, but maybe Pascal knows how to find it.
Component: ro / Romanian → L10N
Product: Mozilla Localizations →
See Also: → 907793
Version: unspecified → Production
Do you want to have a font subsetting hack like Bug 776967 while waiting for the upstream fix?
Blocks: 937413
Locale: ro / Romanian
Hi Kohei,

I am not sure what the subsetting hack involves. Is it about using a different font?

I could test it in my own build of Gecko if I get some pointers on how to implement the change.


s/my own build of Gecko/my own build of Bedrock/

I mean...
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